With a wide range of textures and colors, Artsum's ceramic products draw their inspiration from natural building materials and adopt the latest 3D inkjet printing technology, digital-printing glaze formulations, advanced manufacturing equipment and production processes to produce a variety of surface textures close to nature, like Marble look tile, Stone look tile, Wood look tile, Concrete look tile, Terrazzo look tile, Fabric look tile, Metal look tile.

On top of these textures, Artsum offers a wide range of finishes (natural, matte, textured or polished surface with different levels of brightness) through a fine surface treatment process, achieving natural touch of various materials vividly. Artsum ceramic tiles are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, covering both the currently popular shapes, such as square, rectangle, hexagonal shapes, but also herringbone, linear, abstract, 3D, mosaic and other personalized shapes.

In terms of size, from small-size tiles,classic medium-sized slab products to large format slabs and even ultra-large slabs, Artsum provides flexible and versatile design possibilities for architectural spaces. Through the combination of tiles of various textures, colors, shapes and sizes, Artsum's tiles offer infinite options for different design styles in both home spaces and commercial offices.