About Artsum


Since 1993, we have been dedicated wholeheartedly in the field of architectural ceramics, with a focus on the research and development, design and production of ceramic tiles and clay bricks. With 3 decades of experience and expertise, Artsum pools together the wisdom of the previous generation of ceramists, and remain devoted to the creation and refinement of artistic ceramics.

Fujian was and still is an important production base of architectural ceramics in China, especially exterior ceramic tiles and bricks. Not only does Fujian boasts rich and high quality of kaolin and the techniques of brick-firing that have been passed down through the centuries, but more importantly, local companies build on the strength of time-honored heritage and tradition while constantly learning from international advanced techniques and methods. Consequently, they enjoy regional advantage of creating brand new and unique art ceramic tile products.

From the round kiln, tunnel kiln, roller kiln and generations of production equipment innovation, from a single plain-surface tiles to the personalized art tile design and production, from simple imitation to the ultimate extension of product specifications, and then to the independent creation of shapes, patterns, colors, glaze, two generations of ceramists have been remaining dedicated to our aspiration, forging ahead with great commitment.

Our Brand

Chinese name – Yashan

Ya means Elegance, which is the aesthetic and artistic conception that we pursue.

Shan means Mountain. It not only represents that the origin of our products comes from the earth, but also represents our never-ending pursuit of the ultimate beauty.

English name

Artsum – A collection of Artistic Architectural Ceramics

Our Pursuit

Ceramics is the art that brings together the element of clay, water and fire. After thousands of years exploration and practice, ceramics made from different raw materials with different colors, processes and kilns are adopted to present diverse shapes and patterns of the products.

We believe that the design and production of architectural ceramic products is an artistic creation in itself. Based on the insights of architectural decoration trends, designers’ preferences and customers’ artistic needs, we create distinctive ceramic products with our expertise and professionalism. We have been proactively and openly exploring the possibility of combining ceramic materials with other materials, extending the boundary of our products, creating new patterns and textures, developing the application of various glazes on ceramic tiles, and constantly turning new artistic inspirations into real-life products. This is what we have been doing continuously for the past 3 decades – striving to create different artistic ceramic products independently.