Homogeneous Tile

Through advanced material spreading system and high-resolution inkjet technology, Artsum marble homogeneous tile's surface texture and body texture can be well integrated, truly achieving the material through-body, color through-body, texture through-body. The product surface color and texture are more natural, clear, and vivid, demonstrating stronger sense of layers. Thus, it can be infinitely close to the natural stone's texture change effect, yielding a stronger sense of permeability.
Artsum's marble homogeneous tile features multi-faces, rich texture, so when applied in a large area, the marble tiles can produce a more vivid overall effect, making it possible to be widely adopted in homes, villas, hotels, clubs and other high-end space. It can be used for feature walls, floors, walls, stairs, columns etc. When the marble homogeneous tile undergoes secondary processing, such as chamfering, grinding, grooving, or drilling, the cut surface of the tiles can present consistent textural effect. Since it can overcome the constraints on the secondary processing and scope of application, Artsum's marble homogeneous tile boasts a wider range of applications compared with traditional marble surface tiles.

Popular Size: 800x800x10mm, 600x1200x8mm, 750x1500x10mm
ProductHomogeneous Tile
FinishMatte, Honed, Satin, Semi-polished, Polished
Popular Size (mm)800x800x10mm 600x1200x8mm 750x1500x10mm
UsageFloor, Wall
Water Absoprtion≤0.5%
Slip ResistanceR10
Abrasion ResistanceGrade 4